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    Secondary Traits


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    Secondary Traits

    Post by Malena on Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:27 am

    When you calculate your Secondary Traits and the result happens to be a fraction, you always round the result up.

    Secondary Traits' values change if the permament Main Traits they depend on change (their value keeps being dependent on the permament Main Traits' values).
    Temporary negative modifiers influence the Secondary Traits as stated by a modifier.

    Reflex describes the speed of your physical reactions. It's rolled during Initiatve test if you're surprised or ambushed. It's also tested while evading items (not bullets!) etc.
    Reflex = (Awareness + Self-Control + Dexterity)/3

    Authority describes your personal Charisma and the ability to influence other people (NPCs). Authority is tested while giving orders, intimidating people or convincing them to your position, either by experience or force. It's not related to lying and tricky solutions (like Bluff), it's the sheer power of one's charisma.
    Authority = (Trustworthines + Faith + Constitution)/3
    Noble titles, as well as titles at court, in military, in mage society, religion raise the Authority by 1 or 2 points.
    Laurels can also raise the Autority, up to 3 points for a single Laurel.

    General Knowledge
    General Knowledge describes education and wisdom.It's tested when you check your knowledge about the world, history, plants and animals, geography and political knowledge. It doesn't give you detailed answers but the common knowledge about the world. It's tested whe the character doesn't have a specialized ability (that can be tested with Wits), and is always less detailed and important.
    General Knowledge is counted adding Occult, Theology, History, Gossip, Gathering Info from the Main Abilities and Geography, Biology and others from the Secondary Abilities. The total sum should be divided by two.

    Swordmanship describes how good the chracter fights with a blade. It's tested during attack and parry under the simplifed combat rules (training fights). It's also used for calculating levels of particular martial skills under the full combt rules.
    Swordsmanship = (Constitution + Dexterity + Wits)/3

    Shooting describes a good eye and a steady hand. It is tested while using bow or crossbow with a specific Ability.
    Shooting = (Awareness + Constitution + Self-Control)/3

    Soul isn't a subject to changes of the Main Traits. It reflects one's spiritual self, the most mysterious part of a human being.
    At the beginning of the game each character has Soul value equal Faith*5 (or Magic Will*5 for a MW-oriented character). This number drops if you use dark magic, take part in shady unclear rituals or openly bargain with demons or devils. The lower is your Soul value the more defensless you are when facing demons and the easier it is to tempt you to deal with the dark creatures. It's NOT ethics, and even ugly yet human deeds (stealing, killing, torturing) don't necessarily cause a drop in the Soul value.

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