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    Character Creation Steps


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    Character Creation Steps

    Post by Malena on Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:34 pm

    After you think about an archetype, have some ideas about a possible name etc - it's time to follow the steps of character creation to put your character in the system, and outline his/her personality and traits.

    I. Land of Origin - it gives you +1/+1 in two Main Traits as well as a special ability.
    II. Merit - the Merit is what makes your character special or outstanding - or, in more technical terms - another special ability connected to the Main Traits and the archetype of your character. Trait range is 3-20.
    III. Diary - you describe the outlook, personality, past and opinions of your character.
    IV. Main Traits - you put Dots in the Main Traits to properly reflect your character in the system. The Main Traits are: Constitution, Dexterity, Wits, Awareness, Trustworthiness,  Self-Control, Endurance and Faith. For Sorcerers Magic Will is also available.
    V. Secondary Traits - Secondary Traits are calculated basing on the Main Traits.
    VI. Abilities - you spend 20 points on your abilities. First point is free, second costs two points, third three etc. You can also choose from a list of more specialized Secondary Abilities to refect your character better(the cost of acquiring the Dots is the same as in the main set).
    VII. Martial Schools - if applicable, you can choose a school of swordsmanship for a set of skills or choose particular abilities without meeting requirements for sets.
    VIII. Fate - some event changed your life, some theme keeps reoccuring in your story, something doesn't let you rest.
    IX. Resources - describe your character's Wealth, Equipment, Allies, Friends & Family, Titles and Laurels etc.

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