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    Combat Skills


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    Combat Skills

    Post by Malena on Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:35 am

    Combat Skills

    Rapid attack
    Offensive Action, OH Sword
    You get +4 on the die during Initiative roll on the beginning of the fight.

    Cut behind your back
    OA, OH Sword
    When fighting multiple opponents once during a fight you can use a surprise attack against a person behind you.
    In this turn you get an additional Attack roll. The defending character gets Diff 4 to the roll in defense from this attack.

    Swift sword
    OA, DA, OH Sword
    You don't count your Constitution into Swordsmanship. Instead you add Dexterity and Wits and take half of it. The wounds you deal are one level lower.

    Strong head
    OA, OH Sword
    During a fight in close combat you can deal a Light wound at a cost of 1CP instead of 3CP.

    Experienced rider
    OA, mounted attack
    You can roll Riding twice in one turn. If you pass the you get two additional actions that you can use in mounted combat.

    Dynamic entry
    OA, OH Sword
    Attacker that just shortened the distance can use a free attack, using the dice used earlier to shorten the distance.

    Blade breaker
    DA, enhanced weapon
    You are using a specialized "enhanced" weapon with extra blades that lets you catch and break  or damage smaller and lighter blades ie knives and rapiers.
    After a succesful parry if the Defense was bigger than the Attack by 15 or more points, the Defender rolls Constitution with Diff 2. If successful - the blade is either broken or damaged.

    The weakest link
    OA, OH Sword, Heavy Weapon
    When fighting multiple opponents you can aim in exact spots without spending CP on it.

    DA, Movement
    You Evade and if succesful it leads to shortening the distance to Tight combat and gets the initiative. In Close Combat you use push with Diff 4. If succesful you deal a hit that can't be neutralized in any way but Jump Away with Diff 4.

    OA, OH Sword
    If you want, you can tak your weaopn to your other hand. Till the end of the current round an opponent who didn't know that you're ambidexterous gets Diff 2 to all dice and actions.

    OA, OH Sword
    You hit away the opponent's blade and you can perform a Cut with Diff 2. If successful, you deal a wound that will end up as a big, visible scar.

    Assasin's trick
    OA, only a small weapon Dagger/Knife/Pin
    You can invisibly and without spending an action draw a knife or a dagger and hide it in your hand if it's covered by a cloak, a coat, wide sleeve etc. If you're in Tight Combat or manage to shorten the distance you can use the weapon to deal wounds.

    Defensive stance
    DA, OH sword
    The defender gets an additional die for Defense. In this turn he can't do any offensive actions. If he manages to get initiative with any defensive movement, it goes back to the opponent.

    OA, OH Sword, Heavy Weapon
    You make a take of Bluff with no negative modifiers. If succesful - the turn ends.
    This action doesn't work against monsters, it also doesn't work against multiple opponents.
    The Storyteller may add negative modifiers for fury, drunkeness, amok etc. of the opponent.
    For every try of holding the same opponent you get a Diff 4.

    OA, OH Sword
    Same as throwing a knife. If the opponent sees the attacker, he can try to react with a test of Swordsmanship or Dexterity - in such a situation a comparative test (= opposed rolls) is used.

    Furious attack
    OA, OH Sword, Heavy Weapon
    The attacker gets an additional Attack die. In this turn he can't make any defensive actions. If he gets hit by Reply or another attack he is automatically hit.

    DA, Movement
    The defender declares a negative modifier for all his dice in a turn of combat. If in this turn he didn't get hit, the attacker must immediately roll Self-Control with a Diff of the same value that the defender set up for his dice and additional -2.
    If he succeeds, nothing happens. If he fails, he looses the weapon and looses Authority for the time set up by the MG. Best used in court combat (with less skilled opponenets), but can be used in any situations.

    Team power
    OA, OH Sword, Heavy Weapon
    You get an additional die if fighting with LESS opponents than your group have.

    Parrying dagger
    DA, OH Sword
    The defender gets an additional die to defense if using a parrying dagger.

    OA, OH Sword
    You perform hit the blade with Diff 2. If you succeeded, you get 2CP and if your next action is attack, also +3 to your next attack die.

    Full Disarm
    OA, OH Sword, Heavy Weapon
    You perform a hit away - if the result on the die is 10 more than the opponent's Defense, you disarm him totally.

    Wide Cut
    OA, OH Sword
    You perform Heavy attack and spend 5CP to perform the Wide Cut. The opponent can only defend using Jump Away or Evade. If Wide Cut hits the target it deals Heavy Wounds.

    DA, OH Sword
    You declare Evade or Parry using a cloak. You get Diff 1 for the defense die. If the action is successful the opponent looses 2CP.

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