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    Magic and Faith


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    Magic and Faith

    Post by Malena on Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:15 pm

    Magic is respected, but also feared. Most of the people are intimidated by it, and the religions aren't most fond of it either - for various reasons. The cult of Eternal Fire recently deals quite violently with users of magic, what made many mages to go into hiding.

    Magic is basically divided into two types:
    - ritual magic
    - academic magic

    Similar yet often very limited outcomes are avilable through PRAYERS with strong enough Faith - most often they are rather various blessings and exorcisms. Their power is stronger on sanctified ground, in places of power, or when using religious items.

    The RITUAL MAGIC can be used by anyone who knows the exact formula and words of the ritual and follows the instructions. It doesn't require any magical powers or knowledge, and is often based on careful attention to details with a dash of willpower. Rituals require careful approch as various sources list different steps and requirements for likely the same spell - some of it might not work at all, some might be incomplete, some might require unnecessary effort or ingredients, and some covertly add steps that likely might cause unnoticed yet unwanted side-effects.
    Many of the rituals are not only found in grimuars but also vivid in spoken tradition - witches and crones, wise women, priestesses and even most innocent commoners - they all might know some of these spells, along plenty of made-up, mixed up and not working incantations.
    Ritual magic covers a broad area of expertise - from cleansing and protective spells, through summoning spirits and demons, creating weird creatures and familiars, charms and curses to plain necromancy. It also allows to create simple amulets and talismans.

    The amount of rituals you know (at least at the start) and their dificulty is limited by the Occullt dots and Magical Knowledge dots.  

    The ACADEMIC MAGIC requires an internal talent and proper education. Every mage-resident is supposed to screen children in his or her area, as this kind of ability must not be left unattened and untrained. Uncontrolled power is very dangerous and can lead to most unfortunate oucomes - from simple damages to property and people, to madness of the magic user.
    Children - of varying social status - are sent to schools: girls to Aretuza on Redanian island Thanedd, near the port city Gors Velen; boys to Ban Ard in Kaedwen.
    Despite strict discipline and tough studies the students are provided with everything, including even luxury items. The adepts learn how to safely channel energy from the elements, how to cast spells in various schools of magic, how to prepare potions and mulets safe even for a non-magical user, but also basics of medicine, botanics, history, etiquette nd self-defense.
    During the stay in the academies the bodies of the adepts undergo various modifications, by means of medicine and magic. Their physical flaws and imperfections are fixed, to present impeccate looks, fitting the prestige of the profession. Also aging is stopped, though some male mages prefer to choose a more majestic outlook of a sage. Since the cnference in Cidaris the adepts are also made infertile to prevent creation of magical dynasties that could attempt to grab the absolute power in the future.

    This kind of magic varies from simpler (though not less useful) spells based on Wits, Awareness and Trustworthiness - to more power-consuming spells that require charging from an external source of energy (elements, places of power etc.)

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