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    Merits (= Special Abilities)


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    Merits (= Special Abilities)

    Post by Malena on Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:07 am

    Merits define the unique talents of your character. It's recommended to choose only one Merit, to reflect the character's potential - yet without making him/her a superhero.

    You can choose no Merit for your character and instead get 2000 florens to spend in later steps of character creation.


    req: Self-Control 12+
    When the combat starts you make a test of Trustworthiness. If you succeed you get control over all the allied NPCs whose Trustworthiness is lower than your Authority. Since that moment you control these characters. If too many fighting allies die or they start terribly failing (or your orders are plain absurd), you need to succeed on a next roll with Difficulty +3.

    Up to me:
    req: Self-Control 12+
    At the beginning of combat instead of Initiative test, you choose the Initiative order. If the opponent has the same Merit, the normal order of Initiative is used.

    I'll Stop Them, M'lord!
    req: Constitution 12+
    You get an additional die during combat wwith more than one opponent. You can use it only for a Defensive Action.

    Martial Experience
    req: Constitution 12+
    You don't make really stupid mistakes in combat and even surprised you are still able to fight using your great experience. During combat you use an additional die d10 (d10+10 during training). After the roll you can replace one of the results from 3d20 with your result from one k20. That's how the totally failed rolls are much less common in your fights.

    req: Awareness 12+
    While travelling through tough, wild areas (mountains, forests) you are not slowed down. That's how you can check up front and sides of the trail, and travel two times faster than the rest of the group. Regardless of the speed you don't get negtive modifiers connected to traveling in hurry.

    Our Guy
    req: Awareness 12+
    You can easily talk with simple folk living in villages, forests, mountains. You know their mentlity and customs and can pass as a peasant if there's a need. Talking to people in the villages and the wilderness you can easily get information from them, if only they aren't hostile towards you. You can automatically pass the Gathering Info tests or - in tougher cases - get +5 to this ability.

    Strength of Faith
    req: Faith 12+
    During a Faith test everyone may declare they'll take your result of the test. your success is their success, your failure is their failure.

    req: Faith 12+
    If your life is depending on one roll, that you failed, you have right to test Faith with the same modifiers like your previous test. If you succeed, you're saved. This Merit is not applicable if you take active part in combat.

    req: Wits 12+
    During character creation you get 3 additional Academical Abilities (like Maths, Philosophy, Medicine, Law, Engineering etc). In one you get six dots, in another 4, and in the last one 2 dots.

    Wandering Scholar
    req: Wits 12+
    You're used to challenging and tedious life, monotonous studies and long travels. You don't get any negative modifiers for the lack of sleep, exhustion and hunger till their total sum doesn't reach 6. Then all of them apply in a normal way.

    req: Wits 12+
    You know how to offer a bribe without any negative conseqences in case of refusal. The refusing person won't feel offended, or inform any person of power. If the person accepts, you can count on her discretion. You can estimae how high might the required bribe be.

    req: Wits 12+
    You can move around people unnoticed, hiding your real personality. you know how to dress yourself and how to apply proper make up. You can impersonate a guardian, a servant, a diplomat from a distant country, a beggar. Unless you start behaving suspiciously or do something unfitting your role, your real identity won't be discovered.
    If you can't get an autosuccess, you get +5 to a Bluff test while using this Merit.

    req: Trustworthiness 12+
    In a direct confrontation with you (fight, discussion, quarell etc.) all the tests against you get negative modifier 2 because of your strong and demanding personality. In the fight it's applied to every dice.

    Defenseless souls
    req: Trustworthiness 12+
    You can doinate a person with lower social status than you. You both roll dice - your Authority vs. NPCs Self-Control. If you succeeded you get an Ally (a retainer), with Bond 4, at least till the case connecting you two doesn't end or you leave the location (city/manor etc.) for good. If you want to use this Merit on another person you loose the current one (unless you buy the Retainer in a normal way).

    req: Trustowrthiness 12+
    You can easily arrange a meeting with people of power. Whoever tries to stop you can be convinced that you're on an important mission, you have important reasons and you must not be delayed. You don't have any problems with getting to the court and entering the social and political life there. You're trustworthy to courtiers, guardians, diplomats etc.
    In very complicated situations and tough tests, instead of an auto-success you get +5 to Bluff or Etiquette while using this Merit.

    req: Trustworthiness 12+
    During character cretion you get aadditional 3000 florens to buy Allies. You're never limited by the maximum number of Friends and Retainers. During the game developing the bond is 20% cheaper than normally.

    Always invited
    req: Artist character concept
    People who meet you have the feeling that they et somone special and talented, even if they didn't have a chnce to see a display of your talent. You have no problems getting invited to a party or ceremony, and have esier time finding a place to stay.
    In tougher cases instead of an auto-success you get additional +5 to Bluff or Etiquette while using this Merit.

    req: Artist character concept
    If you don't take active part in combat and you don't do anything provoking attention you won't be attacked or treated as someone dangerous. This Merit doesn't protect from being taken to jail or otherwise captured, but likely you'll be treated neutrally rather than in a hostile manner. This Merit works only against people.

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