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    How do we roll?


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    How do we roll?

    Post by Malena on Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:06 pm


    We always roll 3d20 (unless some special rule says otherwise).
    2 out of 3 results on the die must be equal or LOWER than the Treshold (after modifications with the Ability) for the action to be successful.

    Step 1: Choosing the Trait and the Ability used for the roll.

    The Trait sets up the Treshold tht you must not exceed for the result to be a success.
    The Ability lets you change the result of your roll.

    Step 2: Setting the Difficulty and Treshold of the test.
    Difficulty is NOT showing you over or under which number should be your result.
    Difficulty, also called negative modifier, changes the this number to show that the task is tougher (but it doesn't set up the Treshold by itself).
    Diff 0 - standard task
    Diff 2 - tough task
    Diff 6 - very tough task

    EXAMPLE Tested Trait = 13, Difficulty = 4
    Treshold = 13-4 = 9
    You need to roll 9 or less for a success.

    Step 3: Rolling the dice
    You roll 3d20. We'll be using DeD's roller with setting 20-1-3.
    For a success you need to score the Treshold number or less on two dice.
    1 is always a success on the die regardless of the Treshold. 20 is always a failure on the die - regardless of the value of Treshold, Trait or Ability.

    Step 4: Using the Ability
    If you passed the Test with the roll alone, just skip it and enjoy.
    If not - you can lower a result on one of your dice for the value of your tested Ability.

    Attempt to deceive a NPC
    Tested: Wits (12) + Bluff (3)
    Treshold: 12 (Wits + no negative modifiers)

    roll: 10, 14, 17
    10 - success
    14 - failure
    17 - failure

    using Ability Bluff (3)
    14-3 = 11
    11 is a success

    The action is successful (10, 11).

    RULE: If you have no points in the Ability required in the test, you must score success on all three dice. It mostly happens with abilities like lockpicking, smithing etc where the lack of knowledge is an actual disadvantage.

    HOW SKILLFULLY was the action performed is always related to the result on the Fate die. The Fate die will be always the FIRST result in the dice roller - so you can have a success and Fate die of 19 or 20 (it just means you managed to do something yet in a really crappy way) or a Failure with a Fate die 1 (almoooost...).

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