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    Prices - Standard Weapons, Shooting Weapons


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    Prices - Standard Weapons, Shooting Weapons

    Post by Malena on Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:53 pm

    REMINDER: Prices always show the average cost of the item - if you're buying something of better quality (or more complicated background) or from a top-notch merchant/armorer the same [base] item might have higher price. If you buy something from it's previous owner or from a mass storage (ie basic sword in miliary camp) the price might be lower.

    The weapons listed here are not the only types of weapon you can find in the game, many will have options: ie Basic Sword, Elvish Sword, Nilfgaardian Sword etc. - the options might change the Stats and the Price of the Weapon.

    Halberd 4 fl
    Cutlass 5 fl
    Lance 5fl
    Parrying Dagger 3 fl
    Basic OH Sword 7 fl
    Basic 2H Sword 25 fl
    Knife 1 fl
    Rapier 10 fl
    Sabre 20 fl
    Palash 6 fl
    Dagger 2 fl
    Spear 2 fl

    Basic Crossbow 30 fl
    Basic Bow 25 fl
    Arrows 1 fl per 100

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