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    Prices & Items - the general rules


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    Prices & Items - the general rules

    Post by Malena on Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:53 pm

    RULE: Prices always show the average cost of the item - if you're buying something of better quality (or more complicated background) or from a top-notch merchant/armorer the same [base] item might have higher price. If you buy something from it's previous owner or from a mass storage (ie basic sword in miliary camp) the price might be lower.

    The weapons listed here are not the only types of weapon you can find in the game, many will have options: ie Basic Sword, Elvish Sword, Nilfgardian Sword etc. - the options might change the Stats and the Price of the Weapon.

    If you're really well-versed in various weapons you might see the difference as you check up various items in the shop or try to try out your weapon if given a chance. The Mechanic part you'll likely notice while using the item, but you likely won't get the real Stats too quickly - rather how it feels, if you feel a noticeable difference, if the quality of the items seems to be better.

    The items wear off - it's advisable to check up your weapons, clothes etc from time to time.
    It's also advisable to have a spare tunic in case the one you're wearing gets torn or totally dirty.
    It's advisable to have clothes fitting the weather - if you ride in a thin flowing dress on a colder night or during autumn/winter, you're likely to get a cold (and some sarcastic comments from NPCs).

    You have to EAT. Pesants eat once a day, most often no meat - rather cabbage, beans and groats. Characters of higher status might be accustomed to eat more often, meals of more quality and variety.
    If you don't eat you get negative modifiers (Hunger).
    Your horse - if you have one - needs to eat too.

    You have to SLEEP. Peasants sleep on the long wooden benches, soldiers and wanderers might need to sleep on mats. Characters of higher status might be accustomed to better quality of sleep.
    If you don't sleep [enough] you get negatve modifiers (Exhaustion) and may fall asleep in a random place and time if your body just can't go on anymore.

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